Do you aspire to a more meaningful role at work, but feel uncertain or confined (by people, process, or opportunities)?

Meta combines coaching and community-centered practice to help you unlock growth and navigate career
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We believe

Everyone is capable of identifying and developing the authentic leader within themselves and bringing that to an organization.

Achieving productivity, leadership and impact does not require sacrificing human connection and empowerment.

We are entrepreneurs, educators & engineers who have built world-class teams, scaled technology companies and brought you cutting-edge expertise from MIT, Wharton, On Deck, Reforge, Level, Quizlet, African Leadership Group and beyond.

We Help Fellows


Identify their professional strengths and areas for growth.


Find opportunities to develop and showcase their talent.


Expand system design capabilities and strategic influence.


Realize their full potential and excel as a leader and multiplier.

We've Talked With

Dozens of software engineers and other individual contributors with 5-10 years of experience and heard common struggles, including:
  • Wrestling with imposter syndrome and building confidence (especially for engineers and ICs from underrepresented backgrounds).
  • Embracing your strengths and value, and making them clear to others.
  • Managing and protecting time in order to focus on projects and activities to reach professional goals.
  • Pathfinding through an organization, whether as an individual contributor or a manager.
  • Evolving one's architecture or system design capabilities, including as a facilitator of strategic and technical discussions.
  • Championing the human conversations and care you believe should exist on your team.

Our next Cohort is scheduled To Begin february 2022


The Fellowship Experience

Guidance and facilitation from leaders with decades of experience helping engineers and other ICs build meaningful careers. We will accomplish this together via a 6-week virtual experience that includes:
Expert leading a virtual session.

Expert-Led Sessions

Weekly group coaching sessions facilitated by experts and mentors that provide tools to help you unlock authentic leadership and technical expertise.

Community + Connection.


Curated community of ambitious and capable peers, in a brave space designed for conversation, deeper reflection and unlocking the wisdom of the group.

List of resources and tools.

Tools & Resources

Actionable frameworks, tools, resources and insights to help you navigate your career and expand your technical architecture capabilities and influence.

Time tested coaching methodology.


The opportunity to braintrust live technical, architecture, team and management challenges you are facing with peers and via 1:1 coaching.

About Us


  • Has helped 8 companies grow from less than 10 people to 50, 100 and beyond
  • CTO of PropTech company Dwelo, which deals with both hardware and software
  • Built backend engineering and data science teams for Quizlet, an edtech company that has raised >$62 mm from investors incl. General Atlantic and USV
  • Wrote high frequency trading algorithms for Two Sigma
  • MIT graduate


  • Has built online and offline learning experiences for thousands of people
  • Senior Product Manager that grew an online developer training program from 100-person cohorts every 6 months to 1,000-person cohorts every 2 months
  • Co-founder and CEO of Streetlight Schools, backed by the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation
  • Wharton MBA dropout